Zahrah Hookah Celebrates 10k IG Followers


Zahrah Spade Giveaway


Zahrah Hookah has been around for years bringing innovative new products to the industry and our efforts have not gone in vain. Our fans and supporters have motivated us every step of the way. We want to show all of you how much your support means to us by hosting another Zahrah Giveaway and this time it is of unreleased products that are not yet available to purchase.

Now is your chance to win a Zahrah Spade Hookah Stem + a Zahrah H20 bowl before they are released to public. Both products are unique in design and build and bring a modern touch to the traditional art of hookah.

To enter for a chance to win, follow @ZahrahHookah on Instagram and repost the giveaway flyer using the hashtag #Zahrah10k. Take advantage of this opportunity to be one of the first in the world to smoke out of the Zahrah Spade Hookah Stem with the H20 bowl.

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