FDA Regulations: A Blessing In Disguise


With the new FDA tobacco regulations introduced widely covering e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products, most in the community are concerned about the future of the industry. With the FDA stepping their foot in to oversee and regulate the industry, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers must adapt to new practices starting August 8 of this year. However, with the FDA requiring new products to be FDA approved, we see an improvement in the quality of products being served on the market which would result in a better experience for the consumers. Not only would the product be safer for use, the quality of ingredients used to make the products is also going up.

Furthermore, instruments used to smoke must also be tested and approved by the FDA to meet all health related standards. The materials used to make the hookah and accessories must be safe to use and the manufacturing process must be adept.

At Zahrah, we are taking these measures as seriously as any other matter. We are adapting to all the new policies the FDA is putting out and making sure the consumers receive the best product possible.

For more information on the FDA's rules and regulations regarding hookah and tobacco products visit FDA.GOV.

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