Bring home the best hookah charcoal


This week Zahrah is having a special sale on charcoals with 15% off all brands of charcoal. Use the coupon code "CHARCOAL" at checkout to apply the discount. In addition, we decided it would be nice to give you all a brief description of the amazing hookah coals we have in stock right now.

If you are in the market for 100% natural coconut charcoal, one of the best new and upcoming brands is Cocourth. The coals don't create a smell while burning nor do they interfere with the taste of the tobacco while smoking. (Click here to purchase)

Cocourth Coals

If you enjoy smoking hookah but can't wait for the coals to heat up, we have great quicklight coals to offer you as well. The Carbopol quick lights from Poland are a popular choice for hookah smokers looking for a quick fix. (Click here to purchase)

Carbopol Quick Lighting Charcoal

For those who use a heat management system such as the Kaloud Lotus, we suggest you opt for quarter circle charcoal that fit perfectly inside the Kaloud Lotus. The RING Quick Lighting Charcoal are precisely cut to sit evenly inside the Kaloud Lotus so you can utilize the maximum space inside the device. (Click here to purchase)

RING Charcoal

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