When to buy a new hookah hose

3 Things that Tell You to Change Your Hookah Hose Immediately


Did it ever happen to you that you were expecting a burst of relaxing flavor and unexpectedly get a blend instead of flavors that you smoke earlier? Is it still happening even after cleaning your hookah, changing the water?
Maybe the way through which the smoke travels, i.e., the hookah hose isn’t clean. Probably, it’s time to change your hookah hose. With some proper care, a hookah, its bowl can keep up forever, but you need to change the hose at times. Well, today we are to reveal the three main things that tell you to get a new hose.

#1. Get Rid of the Non-Washable Hose

Almost all the Egyptian-styled and modern hookahs include a non-washable hookah hose in the package, which generally lasts for only a few months when not used frequently. Since it cannot be cleansed, so it is hard to get rid of the persisting flavor from your previous session which, over time, gets more and more stronger.
In this scenario, you got two options. Either you dedicate it to a specific flavor or switch to a washable one that you can rinse in between sessions.

#2. Hose Got Discolored

A vibrant-colored silicone hookah hose that completes the set is lovely to look. However, with regular use, the hose tube may get discolored. You cannot do much to restore its color. Once the pipe gets blackened, it also influences the flavor as you continue using it. One can try mixing lemon juice and water in equal ratio and rinse. It may slightly lighten the tint but won’t improve with its expediency.

#3. Check It Yourself with a Smell Test

It is the best way to decide if one should change the hookah hose or not. Here’s how you can do it; bring the other end of the hose near to your nose and blow some air via the mouth part. If you are getting the lingering smell of the previous bowls, try rinsing it with water and lemon juice. If it continues, consider the hose is gone.

So, when are you changing your hose?

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