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5 New Fumari Shisha Tobacco Mix Ideas to Make Before Summer Ends


Scorching summer isn't over yet, and so are we! Get ready to blow some scrumptious clouds with us as we are about to share our five most favorite Fumari Shisha tobacco mix recipes to spice up before summer is over! So, get ready to note them down and here, we go:

Caribbean ’Celo

You need only two stunning Fumari shisha flavors to make this blend. First is Caribbean Colada which got a creamy tropical pineapple flavor with some citrus and coconut elements. It is mixed with Fumari Limoncello, a sweet and sour lemon-based tobacco in 3:1 ratio. Play with the mixing ratio, if you want or sprinkle some Limoncello on the top.

Spiced Mocha’nilla

It’s time for an evening treat! In this recipe, Fumari’s Mochachino plays the leading role. It’s silky, coffee with a slight touch of spice and chocolate. To add a little fun, we opted for their famous Spiced Chai tobacco flavor, and it gives a spicy warm kick. A cup of mochaccino is incomplete with the cream topping, so we used a bit of vanilla for topping. The ratio of the three should be 9:9:2.

That’s A Zesty Papaya

Papaya in Shisha is very rare as it is hard to capture the flavors accurately, but Fumari has made it possible with Island Papaya. It got the sweetness of Papaya, with a note of melon. Adding a bit of Mandarin Zest to the flavor makes it pulpy and zesty. Lastly, a bit of mint helps the blend shine like a star. Try mixing them in 25:60:15 ratio where Papaya will be the largest and mint will be the smallest portion, you will love it.

Whuava Mint

Now is time for a secret yet mesmerizing recipe. Take Fumari White Peach shisha, add a bit of Guava and a bit of Citrus Mint to it. All the three flavors would be in the ratio of 8:8:9. It is up to you, which shisha flavor you want to add more.

Orange Sherbert

Finally, it is time for a delectable treat which is very creamy and sweet. It is a blend of two primary flavors; Ambrosia and Fumari Orange Cream. If you want it to be less creamy, reduce the portion of Orange Cream by half and compensate it with some Fumari Tangelo.

Do try them out and feel free play with the flavors. If you come up with some new suggestions, don’t forget to share them with us!

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