6 Hookah Accessories That Zahrah USA Has Available For You

6 Hookah Accessories That Zahrah USA Has Available For You


To smoke hookah, you only need a few things at the most basic level. This includes a typical arrangement with a bowl, a pipe and a base. Everything else is just a way to enhance the quality of your hookah experience. However, the hookah market is brimming with enticing options, all of which claim to improve your smoking session or make it easier to achieve the perfect smoking setup. While we have all the supplies available like hookah hose, hookah charcoal burner etc, this guide will go over a few hookah accessories that we believe will make a significant difference in your next hookah session without breaking the bank. Let’s start!

Accessories That You Must Get

  • Hookah Bowl Upgrades

  • There are numerous options available for upgrading your hookah bowl. The Urb Bowls and the Zahrah Hookah Bowls are our two favorite upgraded bowls. Each bowl is ideal for smoking flavors from well-known brands such as Starbuzz, Al Fakher, and Trifecta.

    The holes on the bottom of a traditional bowl are moved up onto a raised spire in the center of the bowl, which is why these bowls work so well. This keeps shisha juice from dripping down the stem of your hookah while you smoke. This results in a smoother, more flavorful smoke, as well as less time spent cleaning your hookah after you've finished smoking.

  • Hookah Hoses

  • The main issue with most hoses is that they either get very dirty inside or retain flavors (known as ghosting) due to lingering residues left behind when smoke passes through. Isn't washing out your hose the simplest solution to this problem? The issue is that many hoses are not washable due to the materials used in their construction.

    If you want to upgrade your hoses, we recommend getting washable ones. Also, at Zahrah USA, we have disposable wholesale hookah hoses available for you. These hoses are best for trips and can be discarded after using a couple of times. 

  • Hookah Heat Management Accessories

  • Great heat management is one of the keys to a perfect hookah smoke. When there is too much heat, the flavor and smoothness of the smoke suffer; when there is not enough heat, there is simply not enough smoke. You usually have to spend a lot of time fiddling with your coals to get the best smoke. Then, last year, the Kaloud Lotus was released, and these issues are no longer an issue.

    The Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System sits on top of your bowl and replaces your foil or bowl screen (a list of compatible bowls can be found here). You put your lit coals inside the Lotus' body, add the lid, let it heat up the bowl for a few minutes and then start smoking. That's all. No coal shuffling, no bad smoke, just a perfect bowl every time. The Kaloud Lotus is the best hookah upgrade since the washable hose, and we strongly recommend it to all smokers.

  • Diffusers

  • The hookah diffuser divides the airflow from one large bubble to several small bubbles, which helps to disperse the smoke, reduce smoking noise, and facilitate traction.

    The hookah diffuser is always located at the bottom of the hookah tube (shaft), which is immersed in water. The diffuser reduces the possibility of water entering the hookah gut. New diffusers are used in modern hookahs to regulate hook pull.

    So, in order to achieve a light thrust (via a diffuser), the diffuser must have more open holes. Leave fewer holes in the diffuser for a medium shaft(if adjustable). If you prefer heavy traction (classic), simply remove the diffuser and enjoy the smoke of a classic traction hookah! You can order the Zahrah Spade Hookah Stainless Steel Diffuser from our website along with a number of other items.

  • Mouth Tips

  • If you've never been to a hookah lounge before and have always smoked from your own hose at home, you might be perplexed about the need for hookah tips and what they actually do. The hookah tip is nothing more than a plastic piece that attaches to the end of the hose mouthpiece, allowing you to share a hose without spreading germs. While you are not required to use a tip with your hookah, it is a good idea to include these tips in your hookah package whenever you share hoses with friends to ensure that everyone has a sanitary smoking experience. 

    You can never be too cautious these days, especially when throwing a hookah party or taking your hookah to places where newcomers will be exposed to it. Keep a few of these individually wrapped plastic tips on hand so your guests can pick one up and smoke some delectable shisha tobacco without worrying about diseases spreading. 

  • Charcoal Burner

  • If you're new to preparing a hookah at home, knowing how to properly light hookah coals is an important first step. Hookah coal is one of the most basic, yet essential, components of a good hookah. They provide the heat required for the tobacco to cook and produce both clouds and flavor. An electric burner is the most commonly used method for lighting coals. You should look for a coil-equipped burner, such as the Fumari Hookah Charcoal Burner

    This single-coil burner is the most efficient way to light your coals. Avoid flat-top electric burners because they don't provide oxygen to the bottom of the coals and do a poor job of lighting the entire area. Zahrah USA has the Fumari Hookah coal burner available for you. You can also place your order on our website for hookah charcoal delivery.

    To Wrap Up

    With these accessories, you’ll be able to enjoy a better and more convenient hookah experience. At Zahrah USA, we have all these accessories available along with the best flavors, foils, and hookahs. You can place your order right away if you want to buy hookah online. We’ve got you covered!

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