9 Best Shisha Flavors That Zahrah USA Has Available For You

9 Best Shisha Flavors That Zahrah USA Has Available For You


While cigarette smoking has reached an all-time low, another form of tobacco use, hookah smoking, is gaining popularity. With so many new hookah flavors on the market, it's no surprise that people are always looking for their next favorite shisha flavor. We wanted this guide to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible, so we included some of today's most popular classic shisha flavors, as well as a few hidden gems from brands you may not be familiar with!

This list has something for all those who want to buy hookah flavors, as it includes some of the most well-known and well-liked shisha flavors. In the list, we have included Al Fakher Two Apples, Starbuzz Blue Mist, and a few new flavors. If you want to know what the best hookah flavors are, you've arrived at the right place! 

Best Flavors That Zahrah USA Has Available For You

1. Al Fakher Two Apples

Al Fakher Two Apples is one of the most popular Double Apple hookah tobacco flavors that is often the first preference of people looking for hookah flavors for sale. This flavor has been around for 20 years and is still popular among hookah smokers. The combination of red and green apples creates a mouthwatering experience with an incredible aftertaste, partially due to the unique undertones of black licorice throughout your session. There is a reason this flavor is one of our best selling items. 

2. Starbuzz Blue Mist

Look no further than Starbuzz Blue Mist for a unique hookah flavor that will take your hookah game to the next level. This is Starbuzz's most popular and classic flavor, and it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years! The cool minty aftertaste complements the refreshing blueberry flavor, similar to ice water on a hot day. If you pack the bowl more densely, the smoke from your hookah will be thicker. You can smoke this hookah tobacco alone or mixed with any other flavor of your choice for a long session of thick clouds.

3. Overdozz 24 Karatine

Overdozz 24 Karatine is a unique blend that will entice you right away and will satisfy your taste buds. You will be able to enjoy the sweet, savory union of cookies and banana with this flavor, a perfect combination that will remind you of a sweet sundae. This is a divine combination, especially for those who prefer sweet flavors to tangy and cool flavors. You can place your order right away from Zahrah USA right now if you’re looking for the best quality hookah supplies online.

4. Adalya Love 66

Adalya Love 66 is one of Adalya's favorite flavors. This flavor appeared to be a perfect combination of passion fruit, flowers, and menthol. The flavor is sweet, floral, and refreshing. The most popular flavor in Adalya's product line is Love 66. It has gained worldwide praise for being an excellent choice for those who enjoy fruity and sweet flavors, with hints of peripheral fruitiness beautifully combined in this tropical blend, which includes passion fruit, honeydew melon, watermelon, and mint. This tobacco is dyed red and moderately thickly chopped. 

5. Trifecta Blonde Twice The Ice

If you feel that regular minty flavors are not cold enough for you and you have an uncontrollable mint obsession, we have some exciting news! This flavor is all you need.  Twice the Ice is ideal for mixing into your bowls because it contains the iciest of the ice-cold peppermint flavors. Throughout your session, a small pinch will provide an intense cooling sensation. It is a must-have shisha for those who love minty flavors. You can place your order right away from Zahrah USA. 

6. Trifecta Peppermint Shake 

Peppermint Shake, one of Trifecta's newest flavors, has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of our top sellers as well. Peppermint Shake is an exquisite blend of icy peppermint and creamy vanilla, with a smooth and creamy exhale and an excellent minty inhale. This flavor is a must-try for any mint fan out there! This flavor's sweet golden leaves are flavorful and juicy enough for a cloudy session. It can be easily mixed with a variety of other brands and is suitable for smokers of all levels of experience. Zahrah USA has Trifecta Peppermint Shake available for you along with other items like portable hookah pen, hookah hose, hookah bowls, etc.

7. Fumari White Gummi Bear

Fumari is a popular brand among smokers due to its delectable, one-of-a-kind flavors and innovative resealable pouches. One of Fumaris' best-selling hookah flavors is White Gummi Bear. It has a sweet, delicate, and refreshing pineapple candy flavor, similar to that of white gummi bears. It is one of our top-selling shisha. 

8. Starbuzz Passion Fruit

You've probably had a Starbuzz flavor at a lounge or from your local smoke shop, and if you've never tried their blends, you're in for a treat. The richness and flavor of the exotic passion fruit is included in this flavor. If you want a flavor that is both tangy and delicately sweet, this is the flavor for you. It's sweet, aromatic, and tastes incredible. It's great for either smoking it alone or mixing it with other strains.

9. Al Fakher Mint

Al Fakher Mint is an excellent complement to any hookah bowl. Cooling and refreshing, you'll enjoy the natural mint flavor with every draw throughout your session! Al Fakher Mint is a well-balanced shisha that can be enjoyed with almost any other flavors. 

To Wrap Up

These were some of the best shisha flavors that Zahrah USA has available for you. We guarantee that all these flavors will give you a very pleasant experience, whether you smoke them separately or mix them. Moreover, we also sell hookahs, disposable hookah hoses, hookah bowls, and much more. Make sure to take a look at what we have!

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