A successful return from TPE 2016


The world of hookah went crazy the last week in Vegas with the return of the TPE show and Zahrah Hookah was present right in the middle of the show. This year we introduced many new products including glass hookahs, hookah stems, and accessories.

The newest glass hookah to join the Zahrah family is the Z16. It comes in with a small form factor that is designed to create a smooth smoking experience while keeping up with the luxury standards. In addition, we also introduced the Z21 glass hookah to add to our glass hookah family.

Next, we showed off the new Zahrah Apollo Hookah Stems made in the US  from high grade aluminum and stainless steel. The delicate process required to manufacture the Apollo Stems resembles that of aircraft parts. You can be sure that the Apollo Stems can withstand an enormous amount pressure without breaking. 

We also brought with us, the new budget friendly hookah stems that are friendly for personal use or lounge use. Be sure to check those out soon as well.

Zahrah Hookah Stems

Lastly, we have the newest and most innovative product of all, the Zahrah H20 bowls. The new bowls are designed to hold cold water inside the bowl to keep the tobacco cool while it burns. Keeping the tobacco cool insures that the tobacco can last longer while drawing a smoother and more rich smoke.

Zahrah Hookah Bowls

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