A Complete Guide To Making Thick Hookah Smoke

A Complete Guide To Making Thick Hookah Smoke


One of the primary reasons people enjoy smoking hookah is because they are recognized for their dense and thick smoke. The smoker gets a delightful thrill and a feeling of fulfillment from the thicker smoke. Sadly, many people still don't know how to make that heavy smoke properly.

Making thick hookah smoke is frequently one of the most important topics for hookah lovers. As hookah lovers love the flavor that continues for a long time, it might be disappointing not to take advantage of enjoying it with thicker smoke. Undoubtedly, each person appears to have their particular style for making thicker hookah smokes. We're here to give you useful instruction that outlines the aspects that influence the smoke quality. Let's get started with the guide and discover your mistakes so you can fix them.

Tips To Make Thicker Hookah Smoke

Let's examine the methodology used by professionals to create thicker smokes. Here is the checklist we'll go over with you to assist you in producing smoke of such thicker quality:

  • Good Quality Hookahs & Hookah Accessories

  • The better the materials, the more likely to produce thicker hookah smoke with greater flavor. Always use a premium ceramic hookah bowl and a high-quality hookah tube. If you use a low and thin quality ceramic hookah bowl, it will give a burning flavor and inhales of hookah. Your fume qualities will show if you're using a better quality hookah pipe. You can buy good quality equipment from our online hookah shop with genuine and guaranteed quality.

  • Firm Hookah Attachments 

  • A hookah needs the same care that other smoking equipment needs. Your hookah has four places you must take care of when assembling or disconnecting it: the base of the tube, the hose-to-hose connector, the purge, and the bowl attachment. Your enjoyment will be greater if you ensure each connection has a firm fitting and is securely packed with the appropriate components. It's easy to check your joints for air leakage when you're in the course of a smoke session. Cleanse the smoke from your pipe by blowing into it, and keep an eye on your seals to ensure none escapes.

  • Proper Hookah Bowl Packing

  • Now that your parts have been checked and corrected according to the other two phases in the list, it is up to your hookah sessions to produce thicker smoke. You may get thicker smoke than a bowl of porridge by giving your hookah tobacco the proper foil packing and volume. Check out our foil inventory, where you will get the quality foil that will improve the performance of your hookah.

  • Replacing Hookah Hose

  • Hoses for hookahs are of different kinds and qualities. Your choice of the wrong hose could cause your smoke not to be thick. Switching up your hoses with another one is a good way to increase your hookah proficiency, enabling you to inhale your hookah more effectively. As a result of the hose change, you'll be astonished by how much heavier your smoke will be. You could not obtain the desired amount of thick smoke because little washable hoses have reduced air movement. Try utilizing a wider hose to create an airy intake from the hookah. Get a shorter hose that helps generate a tighter draw if the broader one makes you feel like you are using too much lung force to breathe.

  • Hookah Heat Management

  • Heat control could be the case if you have top-notch hookah, tight connections, and properly packed hookah tobacco but are still not producing thicker smokes. With a Heat Management Device (or HMD), you will no longer need to fear this part. We highly suggest utilizing high-quality coconut charcoal as they give the heat necessary to make thick smoke. 

    But if you're using hookah foil, you might want to experiment with adding a wind cover to boost your heat output or adding an extra chunk of coconut charcoal for a short time to sufficiently heat your bowl. To reduce the probability of burning any section of your bowl, move any additional bits of charcoal you add to the foil toward the border of the bowl; if you want to give your hookah an aid of quality charcoal, then check out our coconut charcoal available at a very reasonable price.

    Some Misconceptions About Thick Hookah Smoke

    Now since you understand how to transform your hookah smoke from thin to thicker, let us clarify some misconceptions you might have heard about making thick smokes:

  • Burning The Hookah Bowl Gives Thicker Smoke

  • Getting thicker smoke by burning the tobacco bowl is a common myth that is untrue. Various factors are involved in producing dense smoke, but none involves burning the bowl of your hookah tobacco. Applying this mythical tip to your hookah session could give you nothing but a burnt taste in every inhale. Also if you want to buy a hookah bowl, you can get one from Zahrah USA.

  • Milk Makes The Hookah Smoke Thicker

  • Unfortunately, folks, this one is also untrue. It may seem as if you're having massive cloudage because milk restricts your inhalation, but all you're doing is making cleaning more difficult, and after more than an hour of use, it may even begin to produce germs. Milk makes healthy bones but does not work the same with hookah.

  • Putting Ice In The Base of The Hookah

  • On a hot summer day, adding ice to your base can be nice, but ice dulls the taste and can cover up the flavor you receive from burning your tobacco, cutting your session short and wasting flavor value. On the whole, adding ice is not all-time good while enjoying hookah for a longer session or when willing to make thicker smoke.

  • Dry Your Shisha Or Add Additional Glycerin To Your Bowl

  • You could drastically alter the taste of your hookah by putting additional glycerin in the shisha. Also, drying out your shisha will also remove the flavor and heat resistance that gives the tobacco its distinctive essence. Undoubtedly, tobacco is the core of your hookah, you can buy hookah tobacco with a wide range of flavors from us that will give you delightful essence in every inhale.


    Your hookah smoke will get much thicker if you use the above mentioned methods. To find the one that works best for you, try them all. Remember that you might get a bowl with excellent ventilation to produce a thicker smoke cloud. Your plan for smoking a hookah is always to enjoy the moment with foggy smoke which can be possible by attempting all these tips discussed above.

    Please feel free to provide any further advice or techniques that have helped you create thundering hookah smoke. Also, if you want a convenient place to get wholesale hookah supplies in one place, visit our inventory today, where you can get all the best quality and reasonably priced accessories.

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