A quick guide to Hookahs

A quick guide to Hookahs


Hookah parts
Learning how to use a hookah is quite simple, if a bit slow at first. It is important to know all the main parts of what makes a hookah, well, a hookah. You have the glass base, where the water goes to filter smoke from the bowl. The bowl is where the tobacco or shisha goes. The Stem and downstem are responsible for connecting the bowl to the base while descending into the water in the glass base. The hose is what draws the smoke out of the base and it’s where you inhale from. The hookah tray will hold and catch any coals. The grommets and release valve serve a technical purpose, the former keeping the connections air-tight and the latter allowing stale smoke to escape.

How to use your hookah

The first step is separating the glass base from the stem. It can be screwed on or attached with a rubber sleeve. Once it’s off, fill the base with cold water, adding ice only if you wish for a cooler smoke. Reattach your stem, keeping in mind that the base should only be filled up to midway. The fit should be snug and air-tight before attaching your Hookah hose. You can use the rubber grommets for the airtightness.

Afterwards, you should place the hookah try on top of the stem. With a fork or any utensil of your liking, scoop the tobacco in the bowl. Make sure to lightly pack without overflowing before covering it with foil. Punch very small holes (it can be in any shape, but the pinwheel fashion is classic) before placing the bowl on top of the stem.

Lastly, heat 3 to 4 coals until red and place them on the edge of the bowl. Make sure the coals are evenly placed. Now, inhale and exhale. Repeat and add new hot coals as needed.

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