A Simple Stepwise Guide to Homemade Hookah

A Simple Stepwise Guide to Homemade Hookah


Hookah aficionados assemble! In this blog post, we are going to lay out a simple stepwise guide to make hookah at home. You do not need an actual hookah. You don’t need pretty much anything that a shisha is made of, but of course the tobacco. You can always rely on the finest that Zahrah has to offer, for you homemade hookah. It does not matter if you have never tried this at home before. Exercise caution, adhere to the instructions and abide by the safety tips. You should be sorted in a few minutes, enjoying your favorite Zahrah through a fine miniature hookah in your hand.

Ingredients and Tools

We are going to show you how to make a fruit based hookah at home. You need a few handy tools, the replacement of essential components of an actual hookah and of course the fruit. You can choose an orange, apple, grapefruit or lime. We recommend an orange since it is easier to deal with, the pulp is malleable but sturdy, the skin is thick and the flavor is a safe bet. Feel free to replace orange with other fruits of your choice.

You need a glass, ideally the one you would use to drink fruit juice from. Do not use plastic cup. Do not use any material that is flammable. You must have a glass that is tall enough. If it is your standard fruit juice glass, then fill it up with water, up to one third. If the glass is taller, then you may need a bit more water. You must have your typical aluminum foil, a large knife, a small knife with a sharp tip and edge, a needle or something similar to poke the holes, a couple of straws and toothpicks. Finally, you need Zahrah tobacco and coal.

Stepwise Guide to Homemade Hookah

Fill up the glass with water up to a third of its depth. Keep it aside. The fruit, orange in this case, is going to serve as the bowl. Take the orange, pick up the large knife and cut a thin slice at the top. Take the smaller knife and scrape out a little pulp. You need the shape of the inside of a bowl. Do not scrape out too much pulp. Don’t take out too little or the smoke from the hookah will take longer to travel down to the glass and then out.

Take the smaller knife and pierce through the pulp, down the middle of the orange, all the way till its base. This serves as the passage, which is what the shaft and stem do in an actual hookah. Take a straw and insert it into the fruit, all the way down its base and out below. The top end of the straw should be at the base of the fruit. The bottom end should be in the water in the glass. Measure the length and then cut the straw accordingly with a pair of scissors. Get two or three toothpicks and place them inside the fruit. These shall serve as a protective net or mesh holding the hookah in its place. The thick pulp beneath will provide further foundation.

Place a piece of aluminum foil on top of the glass and poke the holes, as you would normally do for any typical hookah. Don’t make large holes, or you would get choked on the hookah. Place the foil on top of the open end of the fruit. You can staple it if you want. Take a larger piece of aluminum foil, fold it thrice or four times, wrap it around the fruit so it covers the coals when you put them. Staple this foil too. This is your safeguard against the burning coal. As you staple the foil around the fruit, make sure to insert the straw at the side of the fruit, along the rim and into the glass. This straw should not touch the water. It is your homemade whip.

Enjoy your Homemade Shisha

Take a bit of Zahrah tobacco, place it inside the fruit. Place the poked foil on atop. Make sure the safety foil is around. Light the coals and place them atop the poked foil. You can begin with three pieces of coal, but make sure to take one out before you start smoking.

This homemade shisha takes barely a few minutes to get started. Do not be disheartened if the first few puffs do not generate much vapor. Stay at it for a couple of minutes and you would get all the goodness of orange and Zahrah.


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