All About Hookah Parts

All About Hookah Parts


A Hookah may seem like a complicated machine but it is basically made up of five essential parts: the tobacco holder, the stem, the vase, the hose and the coal. Other parts are optional depending on how elaborate and which make and model you use. If you are not buying a whole new Hookah, then it is important to make sure any new replaceable parts are the correct size before purchase.

The tobacco burner is what maintains that delicious flavor of tobacco so proper cleaning is the most important thing to consider when using this part. You should pour water to wash out any residue flavor. You can use your finger to rub it clean and dry it off with a tissue.

The stem is also a gateway for flavor and must be washed properly after each use with hot water. You may also consider buying a specialized brush to scrub it clean and keep the flavor of each tobacco true to itself.

The vase may also be cleaned with hot or cold water. A brush for this is optional but helpful if your vase is old or has not been cleaned in a while.
The hose is tricky to clean and many skip this essential step. It is where the smoke passes and can be cleaned with water as well, just find the way that works best for you to get that water flowing through the hose, in and out.

You should buy quality Hookah parts and accessories that you can trust and that fit your specific Hookah to avoid any issues. Search or ask a local Hookah store about the best parts for your Hookah or if you have any doubts and questions.

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