Becoming An Hookah Expert

Becoming An Hookah Expert - The Complete Checklist

A hookah expert can be seen clearly if they do the following the steps. If your goal is to become an expert, then this list is exactly what you need to start checking off the Do’s of Hookah expertise.

1. You’re considered a shisha chef. This means that you either make your own mixes or you know how to correctly combine the popular flavor combinations in the world.

2. You keep your hookah clean. A dirty hookah is never seen in an expert hookah household. This means that you can your hookah after each session to maintain it in tip top shape.

3. You use natural coals. Many hookah smokers don’t care what kind of coals they use, but an expert will only use natural coals. Properly heated coals will help the shisha smoke nicely and smoothly without any burning or sticking.

4.You have several hoses. You may consider yourself an expert if you see that you carry with you several hoses for each flavor to prevent flavor ghosting.

5. You label your shisha containers. Labeled and individually packed shisha containers is a good sign of a hookah expert. Organization is key to speedy smoking and switching flavors. Proper storage is also an important factor in the hookah business.

6. You have your own poking pattern. If you have experimented with so many different poking methods that you ended up creating your own that is perfect, then you can consider yourself a hookah expert.

7. You have a hands-free setup. Experts have a hands-free setup that will allow them to do some of their other favorite things, such as gaming.

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