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The new generation of modern meets classic hookahs is upon us and with the release of the Zahrah Spade, we are taking hookah designs to the next level. This weeks promotion is all about the Zahrah Spade Hookah Stem. From now til next Sunday, if you purchase a Zahrah Spade, you will also receive a free Zahrah Clay Bowl and an Egyptian hose with your order.

The Zahrah Spade is a one of a kind hookah stem design for it is built with metal materials and features a wide 9" aluminum tray that is easy to wash and clean. It is built to be extremely sturdy even under rigorous conditions such as hookah lounges. The Zahrah Spade comes in multiple color choices including a very unique Multi-color option. Visit the official page of the Zahrah Spade by clicking here to get more information.

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