Best Hookah Bowls Breakdown

Best Hookah Bowls Breakdown


Before you go out shopping for the best hookah bowl, let us give you a quick rundown on bowls and its variants. Let’s begin!

Different Types of Hookah Bowls

You need to know how many types of bowls there are, before comparing them. So, let us go over various bowl styles available:

  • Glazed bowls: These generally the ceramic or clay bowls with a glaze coating which prevents the shisha juice from getting into the bowl pores. They are easy to rinse and clean. Since they are glazed, the Shisha molasses won’t be invading the bowl pores and getting ghosted or cooked. If you frequently change flavors, this bowl is perfect for you.
  • Unglazed bowls: These are the non-glazed bowls made of ceramic or clay. It is ideal for those who prefer to smoke one flavor only. Otherwise, molasses of one flavor can get into the bowl pores and get ‘ghosted’ in it. You will always have the note of the ghosted flavors while smoking your hookah.
  • Classic bowls: These are the bowls (generally made of Egyptian clay) with several tiny holes at the bottom of the bowl facilitating airflow. The tobacco remains on the top of these holes. The only issue is that if you are using moist tobacco, then the Shisha molasses can get into the pores clogging them.
  • Vortex bowls: These types of bowls have a spike risen in the middle with several holes around it. Such design lets the airflow sit on the top of the tobacco. Buy Vortex Bowl
  • Phunnel bowls: Phunnel-styled bowls also have a spare in the middle of the bowl with a big air intake hole at the top. It is probably the most popular bowl style in the market due to its performance. Buy Phunnel Bowl

Now that you have a good idea of the different hookah styles, you can assess which style will be useful for you. Many bowls combine, two styles or designs making hookah smoking an enjoyable experience.

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