Best New Hookahs From 2022

Best New Hookahs From 2022


The Oduman N3 is handblown in Turkey and is one of the sturdiest glass hookahs you can buy. It features very thick glass and intelligent design that gives the user a variety of unique characteristics, such as a removable diffuser and a threaded hose. The hose itself is washable and your new hookah will come with a metal bowl port for better fittings. The N3 version comes with a recessed portion perfect enough to fit a LED puck light on the underside for an even further creative touch. You can choose to remove the coal tray and bowl port and fill your base up with fresh fruit and leaves.

The Starbuzz Carbine Hookah is for serious smokers considering its all-terrain legs. That’s right! You can literally adjust height, downstem and diffuser thanks to the unique, flexible design. Enjoy a removable and full 360 degree rotating hub as well that will make passing easy and efficient.

The Wookah Hookah is a simple design, but it is also the most elegant of the hookahs available. It is truly a beautiful piece of art that will enhance any room and leave you in awe. It is handmade from quality wood and the crystal glass bases are handcrafted as well. It features a V2A stainless steel internal hub and a few customizable options, such as wood color, crystal base design, and 11 types of wood grain. The walnut, however, is the most popular and has earned its right into the top hookahs out there.

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