How to clean the Kaloud Lotus

Best Way to Keep Your Kaloud Lotus Clean


Kaloud Lotus is a fantastic heat management device that has taken hookah smoking to the next level. However, at times, this magical piece can appear dreadful. Most of the time, it’s the burnt Shisha from your session, that makes it look awful, impedes the performance and exacerbates the tastes. But don’t worry; you can easily avert it and make your Kaloud Lotus look like new. Shall we start?

What’s Kaloud Lotus?

It is an intricate-designed aluminum heat management device that protects the tobacco from the undesired taste of coal to bring out its real flavor. It is effortless to use, especially during a session. However, how you treat it after a session decides its future performance.

Is It Okay to Wash It?

Yes, of course. Lotus gets very dirty as it lugs the coal and has tobacco underneath. Just wash it with warm or cold water; no soap, please. Preferably, airdry it in advance. Avoid using towels to dry it. If there is the fiber in it, there will be a burned taste in your flavor. There should be no drop of water in it.

When You Are in A Rush

If you are in a hurry, start with removing the coals from it. If it’s hot, wait until it cools down or use a tong. Now, get rid of as much Shisha as possible while it’s warm. Be careful, so you don’t burn yourself and do not use any electrical tool or sharp thing to remove Shisha.

Shisha Isn’t Coming Out; What to Do?

It looks like you don’t clean it regularly. There is a way to manage it, but you can’t do it every time. Take a small tub-like container in which it will fit, soft scrubber, hot but not boiling water. Fill the pot with the hot water and soak it for an hour. All the hardened part will soften. Scrub it with the pad or use your finger and remove. If required, do the whole thing again – be careful to not to put a scratch on it.

To Conclude

Right now, you may have to soak it for multiple times, but if you follow the other cleaning tips regularly, you can prevent deep soaking it in the future. It is always better to take regular care to maintain its glory and keep your smoke sessions delicious.

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