Buy Any Glass Hookah And Get Free Box of Charcoal


Well have you been waiting to pick up a new hookah or more importantly a glass hookah recently? Well now is an amazing time to browse through Zahrah's Glass Hookah collection as you can instantly save 20% off and receive a free box of Cocourth Charcoal with your order when you use the discount code "GLASS8".

One of our most popular glass hookah designs is the Zahrah Wave. It's slim and slender in design which makes it light and extremely portable. It also comes with a carrying case so its perfect for outdoor adventures.

The free box of charcoal you will be receiving will be the Cocourth 100% Nutural Coconut Charcoal. These are amongst the best charcoal out on the market for the don't have harsh smell or test of charcoal. They last a long time and burn with a consistent heat throughout your smoking session.

Head on over to the glass hookah section now to start browsing through our incredible selection of the top glass hookahs on the market!

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