Classic Flavor: Al fakher Double Apple

Classic Flavor: Al fakher Double Apple


This week we will be taking a look at a classic flavor that is still the most popular flavor in the world known as Al Fakher Double Apple. As to be expected with Al Fakher, you will find luscious and dense clouds once you prep this shisha for use. 

Double Apple has long been the poster child shisha flavor in the hookah industry. Every smoke shop sells it, every hookah lounge serves it, and every shisha company makes it.

About the taste of the flavor, many will find a lingering or brief hint of black licorice while others will guarantee not to find a note of licorice at all.

Double Apple is a popular flavor, not only in Al Fakher, but many other shisha manufacturers. Al Fakher Double Apple has a green and red apple blended taste to it that is mildly sweet and perfect for flavor combinations.

The all-time favorite is Double Apple combined with mint for a sweet and minty taste that will blow your taste buds away The smell of the shisha is definitely of apple and the taste is as well but with underlying hints of different notes to make the “double” apple apparent. Al Fakher Double Apple is not likely to disappear anytime soon and that alone must say something for the product, its quality and taste.

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