Classic flavor: Fumari White Gummi

Classic flavor: Fumari White Gummi


One of the most popular flavors from Fumari is the strikingly yummy White Gummi. This flavor was made for all the white gummy bear flavored fans out there. It is a perfect fusion of sweet pineapple and other citrus tones that give you the exact replica of a gummy bear in shisha form. Expect the wonderful dense clouds and the freshness of all Fumari shisha but with this classic flavor hitting your taste buds.

White Gummi bear flavored shisha is also great for combining with other unusual flavors to get a different kick to your hookah session. The most popular combinations are White Gummi and Mint for a minty citrus mixture but if you add Watermelon to the mix, you will find yourself immersed in a brand-new flavor. Combine and try it any way you like but try it on its own at least once to determine the exact flavors of White Gummi shisha.

Always use a phunnel bowl or one that is not plain because this shisha tends to be on the moist side and you are in for a mess otherwise. Upon opening the hookah package you will smell the fruity and sweetness side of the shisha. Pack it and light it up for a session you are sure to love. Aside from a bit of a higher price, Fumari White Gummi shisha is going to end up as one of your favorite smokes if sweet, candy flavors are your thing.

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