Starbuzz blue mist

Classic Flavor: Starbuzz Blue Mist


Starbuzz Blue Mist

The classic flavor of Starbuzz, Blue Mist, has taken over the Hookah world. Blue mist is a gentle icy blueberry flavor that does not sting. Though mint is mixed into the flavor, it is more of a sensation than an actual taste when smoked. Blue Mist shisha smells minty and well, like blueberries.

It is a mild sweet shisha that is great on the taste buds. It is also perfect to be mixed with other flavors, cream or maybe even vanilla depending on preferences of course. As with many other Starbuzz flavors, Blue Mist delivers a great cloud production as expected throughout the session. The flavor is not overpowering and is pleasant enough to be smoked on a regular basis.A small amount goes a long way, the flavor is stable and consistent throughout the smoking session.

You can pack as suggested by Starbuzz or according to your own smoking style.Starbuzz shisha is easy to pack and not overly moist, it can be smoked in almost all Hookah bowls. Available in various sizes for your convenience, Starbuzz Blue Mist is an excellent addition to your shisha stock, especially if combining and experimenting with flavor mixtures is your sort of thing.


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