Classics Never Get Old


This week on the Zahrah Store, we are putting all Egyptian Hookahs on sale with a 20% discount and throwing in a free box of Cocourth Charcoal when you use the coupon code "EGYPTIAN" at checkout. The sale includes our entire library of Khalil Maamoon hookahs and other fancy traditional hookahs like the Babylonian hookah.

Among all Egyptian Hookahs, the Khalil Maamoon Kahramana is by far the most popular design. It is the most commonly used hookah for personal and commercial use for its size and shape. You can pick up the Kahramana for $87.99 this week by using the weekly discount code.

If you are a fan of taller hookahs, you can opt in for the Babylonian hookah with a taller build and bulkier finish. The Babylonian can be yours this week for $87.99 by using the weekly discount code on the checkout page.

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