Coals for Christmas: Buy 4 get 1 free


Have you been no Santa's naughty list this year? Well he sure has a gift for you! Teaming up with Zahrah this year, he is offering all customers 1 free box of charcoal when you purchase 4 of the same kind. Just add 4 boxes of any charcoal to your cart and we will include the 5th box for free.

We have an amazing charcoal selection at Zahrah, including top brands like CocoUrth, Titanium, and Ring. Our selection of charcoal includes 100% natural coconut charcoal for those who enjoy a long smooth smoking session as well as instant quicklight charcoals for those looking for an easy fix.

We also have charcoals in different sizes so if you are looking to stock up, now is the perfect time to get an extra bang for the buck. 


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