Your Complete Hookah Guide

Complete Hookah Guide


Complete Hookah Guide

What is hookah? 

Have you ever wondered, what is a hookah? Simply put, it is a smoking device, and the term “Hookah” originated from the Indian subcontinent, which many believe was the land where this method of smoking was conceived. As India was a British colony in the 1800s, hookah apparently spread to different neighboring countries as well and also overseas. 

The presence and usage of the Hookah were largely present in the Middle East as well, as countries like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine used the pipe-like device which was termed as “Argilah” or “Argileh”. That is enough history lesson for today, but we would end it by mentioning that the name translates into “pot, jar” and “cavity, hollow”, which is exactly why it refers to the smoking device, and not the substance is used in it.

Talking about the experience itself, it is an absolutely mesmerizing experience to smoke tobacco via a water pipe that is traditionally decorated, and there are some who believe that it is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes because of its pleasant flavor and enjoyable hookah smoking experience

The hookah might look like an intimidating contraption at first, but it is actually very easy and simple to use. You can actually do it yourself from the comfort of your home, but if you don't know how to set up a hookah, keep reading because we will reveal it later on in this article. 

What substance goes in the hookah?

We do not want to confuse you, but if you are new at all of this then chances are you will be a little bit confused but we are here to make things easier for you and teach you terms that are correct in the USA.

Shisha is the term that some people refer to as the water pipe device, which can be translated into ‘glass’ in English, but folks in Egypt refer to a hookah when they say Shisha, but in truth, Shisha refers to as the glass base of the hookah and not the entire device itself.

So, if you want to buy the shisha flavored tobacco here in the USA then what is the correct term for it? Well, you can just say you want to buy “Shisha” and that can be associated with the substance itself. This is only true if you are out shopping for the flavored tobacco to be used in the hookah itself. 

So, to make it clear again, the device is referred to as Hookah, and Shisha is the substance that goes in it which is the flavored tobacco. Shisha comes in many flavors, and we highly recommend that you try some.

In the west, there is confusion regarding the terms Hookah and Shisha, and hopefully, this clears up all the confusion that is surrounding the traditional smoking method. There is no crime in using the two words interchangeably, but it is always best to use them correctly, especially here in the USA where people specifically refer to both terms according to what they associate them to.

How to set up hookah?

We will help you in this article on how to set up a hookah. First of all, you pick up the hookah stem and insert it into the glass vase, and once inside, it should feel like an exact fit. 

Now, get the hookah metal tray and place it over the hookah stem. The fitting depends on the hookah model you have because the try would either fit correctly or loosely. However, there are smaller hookahs out there that come with affixed trays.

Take the hookah hose and insert it into the hose gasket. If there is an air release valve, just unscrew it and make sure that there is a ball bearing present inside. If there is one, proceed with screwing the valve back on. You can find the valve opposite the hose port on the hookah stem. 

The next part is to check whether the airflow is okay or not and you can do it by placing your hand over the hookah stem and sucking air from the hookah hose. If there is no air intake that means it's fine, but if your model has a check valve then blow through the hose and here the air is expelled out while your hand is still on the hookah stem

If the airflow is fine then you need to proceed by removing the shisha stem from the hookah vase to put water inside. Once done, place the stem back on and make sure the stem should submerge an inch into the water.

In the next step, gently break the flavored tobacco and make sure it is loosely put on the hookah bowl, so there is enough room for air to pass through. Make sure the shisha tobacco is filled to the rim of the bowl and not higher.

Put the foil cover over the head, and make sure there are holes poked in it. Now place the hookah bowl over the top of the hookah stem and light your Hookah Charcoals and wait for them to become hot all over. Break these coals into smaller pieces and evenly distribute them over the shisha head. Keep a good ratio of coals on the head so your smoke doesn’t become harsh, and now inhale and smoke your hookah and enjoy!  

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