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Different kinds of hookah bowls

Knowing your Hookah basics is essential for a proper smoking session that will be enjoyable and not disastrous. As Hookah has become more popular across the states, the bowls have also gone through slight variations in design. Some bowls are funneled shaped (called Phunnel bowls) while other are the standard, and usually very economical, Egyptian styled bowls.

The phunnel bowls are better at retaining the tobacco juice, and therefore flavor as well, and keeping your Hookah clean as an added bonus thanks to the raised central hole. The Egyptian bowls with holes in the middle are easy to find and use but will leak juice through the openings. Aside from design and bowl depth, Hookah bowls will also differ in the material it is made from: glass or clay.

Glass bowls are said to be the best but it all boils down to preference. The glass bowls can be a novelty since you can actually see the smoke during the session. At the end, you must match the type of shisha you are going to smoke with an appropriate bowl. For example, you should be mindful that you must only use a phunnel bowl if you plan on smoking Tangiers.

Packing your shisha will also be made easier or harder depending on the type of bowl you are using and how the shisha was cut. Some Hookah bowls come cut at an angle, which means you must pack at an angle as well. Knowing how densely to pack and how to correctly pack your bowl will give you the best smoking experience.

Hookah Bowls

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