Exotic European Hookahs From Oduman



We have previously featured the Oduman hookahs on our blog before and briefly discussed the origins of this exotic European glass hookah manufacturer. This week we want to showcase their top products that have set the world of hookahs on fire. Not only that, but also keep in mind that you can use the coupon code "ODUMAN1" at our eCommerce store to receive a 20% discount on all Oduman hookah models + receive a free handmade clay bowl with your order. 


The N1 is one of the signature designs by Oduman. It comes in clear and matte finish.


The N2 take a more simplistic design approach and like its brother the N1, it comes in clear and matte finish.


The N5-Z features a futuristic and exotic design found only in European hookahs and is available in clear and matte finishes.

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