Free Charcoal Heater When You Spend $50+



The festive season of giving is almost among us and Zahrah is in a giving mood this week. From now til next Sunday (Nov 6), Zahrah will include a free standard charcoal heater with every order of $50 or more.

This is a special offer that is a one time opportunity for anyone to pick up a free gift without any special coupon or discount code.

We have a large variety of all hookah related products on our website so you are surely to find something to satisfy your hookah needs.

The new Zahrah Spade hookah stem will go nice along your free hookah charcoal burner. It is available in 4 different colors and features support for up to 4 hookah hoses simultaneously.

Furthermore, we have a full selection of hookah accessories and hookah charcoal. As long as your total ends up more than $50, you will be eligible to receive the free charcoal burner. 

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