Fumari Orange Cream

Fumari Orange Cream: Why Should You Try It?


There are numerous fruity flavors in the market, and orange is one of the most popular citrus tobaccos. However, many smokers are not so fond of this shisha. Hence, the idea of cream and orange may not impress them. They might think it will taste like another creamsicle or like orange cream soda. Well, Fumari tobacco has undoubtedly done an excellent job and created a unique Shisha, which is worth a try. In this blog post, we will tell you how it is unique and give you all the right reasons to try it at least once. Without any further delay, let us get started without Fumari Orange Cream Hookah Tobacco analysis.

  • The first thing that you will observe is that the tobacco it nicely cut. Most of the Fumari tobaccos are seen to be overly juicy, but Orange Cream is neither too dry nor dry. It got the perfect amount of juice which make it more enjoyable. The best packing method for this tobacco is to fluff and pack.
  • Now, let’s come to its flavors. It got two primary flavors; orange and cream. The best thing about it is that the orange doesn’t taste too zesty or citrusy – so you won’t feel like you are biting into an orange. The cream tastes like the real cream with all the nuttiness. Together, it tastes incredible – you will love how subtle and well-balanced flavors are.
  • A bowl of Fumari Orange Cream can last for long without compromising on the delicious smoke clouds. If you don’t believe, start your stopwatch and smoke.

To enjoy it the best, you must heat your hookah with some natural coals like those made from coconut shells. They are natural, lasts long, and don’t add any bad taste to your hookah. Fumari Orange Cream is excellent tobacco – you must give it a try.

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