Heaven Leaf Teabacco Review

Heaven Leaf Teabacco Review


Before we talk about Heaven Leaf Teabacco, let us take a minute to understand what is teabacco in the first place and how it is different from tobacco. Without any delay, let’s being.


It is prepared from the leaves of tea plants acquiring it the name ‘tea-bacco.’ It is more of a natural alternative to the tobacco used for smoking out of a hookah. However, teabacco has a similar kind of texture and smoking features like tobacco. It is best known for its abundance of flavors with the carcinogenic additives. It is light, smooth, and gives out more smoke and extended smoking sessions.

Heaven Leaf Teabacco

When it comes to the pioneer of teabacco, Heaven Leaf is the first name that strikes one’s mind. Their teabacco is made from the 100% all-natural, black tea leaves which has a significantly low content of nicotine as compared to tobacco. So now, you can avoid the adverse effects of tobacco without compromising on the flavor and dense smoke clouds.

It got more than 30 flavors like Pina Colada, Maple Pancake, Wild Berry, Double Apple and more. Heaven Teabacco is made from the finest black tea leaves with USP Kosha vegetable sugar syrup. They use no artificial ingredients or chemicals while making this unique teabacco. Everything about this Teabacco whether it is the inhouse glycerine or the food-based flavors used in it raises the standard of Hookah Shisha for uniqueness. The flavors are delicious and give out good smoke. The leaves are big, so you may use a pair of scissors to break it a little. It makes packing your hookah bowl easy. With the first inhale, you can taste the tea leaves. It is a great natural, tea-based alternative to tobacco if you love drinking tea. Every time you take the smoke in, it feels like you are taking in tea infused with a great flavor. If you need a little buzz, try mixing it with a bit of tobacco, and it will give you a good long session.

If you are still dubious about it; don’t be. Give it a try - Heaven Leaf got packs of 25 grams as well. Check out Heaven Leaf Teabacco; you will love it.

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