Hookah around the world: Brazil

Hookah around the world: Brazil


If you have the chance to travel the world, you will notice how certain aspects of hookah smoking change drastically, while others remain the same. Brazil is a festive region to visit south of the equator that will lead you to many surprising places. The most popular city for extensive and varied hookah culture is Sao Paulo; it is a must see city for hookah fans. Other regions that will also satisfy any hookah fan are Curitiba, Foz do Iguacu, and Maringá.

Hookah lounges are called tabacaria in Brazil. A hookah smoker is typically named as a narguileiro. Receive a taste of the coziest lounges or the upbeat and heavy party areas. No matter your style of smoking, Brazil has a lounge ready for you. Popular places include the Jardins Lounge (great for nightlife seeking hookah smokers), Essencias Premium (get a lounge and hookah store all in one), and Mansao Freedom (a purely relaxing zone).

This side of the world have traditional and modern types of hookah ready to be enjoyed and include: Khalil Mamoon, Shika, El Nefes, Triton, Sultan and even Amazon! The country experiences excellent temperate weather that makes smoking outdoors common and a great experience. The flavors here vary greatly but many Brazilians enjoy a fruity or minty sensation over the others. Melon, Acai, pineapple, and mango are extremely popular and a crowd favorite. It is come for the fruity flavors to have a mint or menthol hint to it during the hot months for a cooling effect. A more at-home popular flavor in Brazil is the cupacu, or corn, flavor. It is described as a corn flavored ice cream. Other common findings include your mundane lemon mint, spiced chai, and white gummi bear.

Hookah vases and bowls in Brazil tend to have intricate designs or patterns and bold colors. It is all about having a visual impact in this country. Brazil also has bowls and hoses fabricated within the country that will leave you with a pleasant experience. Most are one of a kind pieces and are made by MukaBowl, BRMade, or Brasuka.

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