Best hookah bowl packing methods

Best hookah bowl packing methods


It might come as a surprise to you but each brand of shisha has a particular packing method that works better than all the rest. We will discuss the three main packing methods that can be used and for what type of shisha they are best suited for. There are many consequences for packing tobacco wrongly, including a charcoal taste, burned or unused shisha, and more. Practicing the three methods will ensure you get a perfect smoking session without a burning taste with packing your hookah bowl.

Fluff Method: This method is a semi-dense packing strategy that is routinely used throughout all hookah smokers. It involves taking out the necessary amount of shisha from the bag and breaking it apart (or fluffing it up per say). Once it is broken into smaller pieces, you sprinkle the shisha into the bowl and once it is full, you pat it down slightly. Sprinkle some more tobacco on top and pack lightly once again.

The fluff method is great for Starbuzz and Fumari shisha

Dense Method: The dense method requires patting the tobacco down greatly, not just lightly tapping it down as in the fluff method. Fill with tobacco (it is optional to break it up beforehand but it is definitely recommended) and pat, repeat until your bowl is full. Afterwards, using a shisha fork or toothpick, make pockets of air by poking holes in the shisha so the smoke may flow freely.

The dense method can be used for all tobacco brands but is specifically for Tangiers shisha.

Over pack method: This is the easiest packing method. Add an extra 25 grams of tobacco to your regular amount used. Break up the shisha and then add it to the bowl until it is almost overflowing, in a controlled manner. It can be heaped onto the bowl, allowing for the obvious air holes. Use your finger to distribute the shisha evenly in the bowl but AVOID packing it down even slightly. It’s like a mountain of shisha!

The overpack method is great for avid hookah smokers. It can be applied to any brand of hookah shisha.

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