Hookah buying guide

Hookah buying guide


Know the difference between brass and stainless-steel stems: Stainless-steel tends to be the most used stem for home use because they are more on the cheaper side, they are very lightweight and have a shiny aspect to it (which people love). Brass stems are weightier and tend to be used in Hookah lounges. Both will have a relatively long lifespan.

What size Hookah is best? Does it matter? The most important to consider is if you are going to be using the Hookah individually or in group sessions. If it’s the former, any size of your preference from small to large will do. However, if you are going to commonly use them in group sessions, it might be wiser to settle for a larger one because it is much easier to share and pass around. Ultimately, it is a personal preference. The size does not play a part in the quality of the smoke. Correct preparation of shisha and the shisha itself is what will get you either decent or excellent smoke qualities.

Why are some Hookahs more expensive than others? The popular saying, you get what you pay for, is correct in many situations and hookahs are one of them. More expensive hookahs tend to be built of better, higher quality materials that will outlast cheaper ones. Well known brand names will also play a role. Hookahs can be simple or elegant, handcrafted and unique, or common. Once again, this is a personal preference but those who are into this should consider getting a middle to high-end hookah.

How long does shisha (flavored tobacco) last? That depends entirely on how well you store it. It should be stored at room temperature and sealed air-tight, preferably in a shaded or dark area. If done correctly, your shisha will last anywhere from one to two years.

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