Hookah Nation: Brazil

Hookah Nation: Brazil


Welcome to the Brazilian way of Hookah smoking, filled with colorful views and an expansive diversity that is not regularly seen in other countries. Narguileiros, which is Portuguese for hookah smokers, will invite you to test out traditional and modern styles of Hookah lounges. No matter what your endgame is, you are sure to find a lounge that satisfies all your needs.

Common cities that are hotspots for Hookah culture include Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Foz do Iguacu, and Maringa. A hookah lounge will be referred to as a tabacaria in the local language so make sure to ask for one of those when you are there. Each city will offer you Hookah products, lounges, and shops that will have mundane items but unique ones as well.

Hookah lounges in Brazil can range from relaxation to a bumping party atmosphere. Famous lounges include Jardins Lounge in Sao Paulo, Mansao Freedom in Parana, and Essencias Premium in Curitiba. Depending on what you are looking for, you can delve into DJs and night-long specials on hookahs or try a more chill place with light snacks. Most lounges also sell Hookah products right on site for added convenience.

So what flavors do Brazilians love smoking most? Since the climate is mostly rainy and humid, or hot and dry, tropical fruits and cooling mints are the most beloved. Shisha flavors that are commonly found in Brazil include mango, melon, acai, orange, pineapple, and mint. A unique flavor beholden to Brazil is corn. Other desirable flavors are your well known lemon mint, spiced chai, and white gummi bears.

Hookahs in Brazil are colorful, bright, filled with intricate line patterns and have a bold personality. They are beautiful and quite affordable with a high quality. You can also find the most unique shapes, such as the genie, here. Many are also handmade, the most popular Brazilian brands being MukaBowl and BRMade.

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