How to adequately clean your hookah hose

How to adequately clean your hookah hose


It is important to know how to take care of your hookah accessories and cleaning them is a big part of keeping them in tiptop shape. The hookah hose is by far the most necessary item to clean. You may also consider rinsing the hookah hose, preferably after every smoking session. There is a difference between cleaning and rinsing. A good rinse should be given after each session while an adequate cleaning once every couple of weeks approximately. Many factors are involved in determining how frequently you should clean the hose. It is wise to also remember that hookah hoses are not fabricated to last forever, no matter the material. Hookah hose replacements should occur periodically and this way you will enjoy the full impact of flavor.

The proper way to go about cleaning a hookah hose is simple and straightforward. Mix lemon juice, it is best if you use a natural lemon, and a small amount of water in a cup. Pour the mixture inside your hose a little less than halfway. While covering one end of the hose with your thumb or finger, raise the other end higher and let the water travel through. Repeat with the other end, always making sure to plug one end of the hose or else the water will fall through. Repeat a few times before dumping the remains in the sink. Do it again and again until the water that is dumped is clear.

Drying your hose is essential and can be done via two methods: vacuum or swinging. You can choose to use a vacuum with a “blow” function to blow air into the hose and quickly dry it. Make sure the vacuum is clean or else this will only cause debris to enter your otherwise clean hose. The second method is more fun and involves you swinging the hose like a windmill. Just grip the middle of the hose and start the swinging! Once most of the moisture is pushed out, it will dry out quite quickly on its own. This is the safest method, as long as you don’t go overboard with the swinging motion.

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