How to Clean your Hookah

How to Clean your Hookah


As far as hookahs go, there is always one thing in common: they have to be cleaned! Here is a quick tutorial on how to do exactly that, but first, let’s discuss why a Hookah should be cleaned in the first place. Well, a regularly maintained hookah will last you many more years than one that is left to dusty and unsanitary conditions. This also means that it is way healthier to use a clean machine than a dirty one, obviously. This is especially true if you are using a Hookah that can potentially rust. Breathing in rust has hazardous health consequences. Another important reason is to keep all the distinct shisha flavors pure and true. When an unwashed hookah is used again with a different flavored tobacco, ghosting appears. Ghosting is when a past shisha flavor gets “stuck” to the Hookah and you will end up having this unpleasurable taste haunting you for quite a while.
Change the water in the bowl- This means changing it every single session and leaving it washed and ready to air dry afterwards. You should also rinse your base using hot water and lemon juice, baking soda is optional, to get a better clean. It is wise to avoid using the dishwasher to wash your base.

Clean the stem- There are stem brushes available to ease this process but it is not absolutely necessary. Run hot water through your stem at least four times. If you notice a smell even after the various rinses, then you can add some lemon juice and baking soda. Another thing to do is put the mixture in the bowl with the stem attached and then shake away. Rinse with hot water after using the mixture. Use your stem brush if you have one to scrub away.

Clean the bowls- Also clean a cool bowl, not one has been recently used. You need to make sure the bowl has had sufficient time to cool down before attempting to handle it with hot water to avoid microfracturing and getting a leaky bowl. Clean with hot water and scrub any stuck-on burnt tobacco. You can also choose to let it sit in warm or hot water for ten minutes before scrubbing.
Heat Management Devices- If your hookah comes with a HMD, then you should consider boiling it for five minutes to clean all ducts or using a grill brush to get rid of any gunk. HMD do not have to be cleaned after every session, but should get a revision and cleaning periodically.

The hookah hose- With a newer hose, all you have to do is rinse it a few times with hot water to keep it clean. Make sure to plug one end of the hose with your finger to avoid the water from falling out. You may also swing it around a bit afterwards to quicken the drying process. Before you attempt to clean your hose, make sure that it is a washable hose to begin with! Use the mixture mentioned above for a better clean in older hoses.

You’re done! That is all there is to it! You can keep your Hookah sparkly clean with little effort and make it last a lot more, saving you money in the long run. The best part of all though is that you will get a great session, one that tastes the way it should. A clean hookah makes a difference.

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