The Best Hookah Smoking Session Guide

How to Create the Perfect Hookah Smoking Session

As far as obtaining the perfect hookah session goes, it will vary from person to person. I will tell you how I would imagine my perfect session and then you can modify whatever you deem unnecessary or undesired to fit the image that you have rolling around in your thoughts.

The setup. Prepping the hookah is the main step for the perfect hookah session. For me, this means that I need a correctly cleaned hookah and parts. I enjoy a lightly packed bowl with a combination of two juicy shishas that can created a wonderful blended flavor between sweet and minty. As for the coals, I give the time necessary to light up well. A properly heated coal is the only way to go to prevent that awful taste that can occur if done incorrectly.

The atmosphere. Once the hookah is set up and ready to be smoked, it is time to move to the room. The room where you and others will be smoking needs to be setup as well. This to me means lots of pillows, a clean space, and some background music that is not too high. It also means a few art pieces to hang and a well-lit room. You should set up the scene in a way that fits your personality and goal. The perfect session can be for relaxation, as in my case, or even to enter party mode so design accordingly.

The company. The last step is inviting the correct company. This may mean all your friends possible or just a couple of close ones. Hopefully the invitations were sent beforehand, unless your type of friends work better with sudden calls. I enjoy talkative company to make the session flow smoothly and well, interesting.

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