How to get a good smoke session

How to get a good smoke session


If you are looking to find out what makes the difference between a decent smoke and a great one, then you've come to the right place. Hookah was meant to be enjoyed so if you find yourself doing anything else but that, it is time to investigate what is going wrong. To start off with, you need to focus on three essential components: the setup, the atmosphere, and the company.

The setup: First thing first is the proper packing of the bowl and ensuring the equipment is clean. Packing your Hookah bowl should not be rushed. A clean hookah helps achieve a higher quality of smoke. Make sure you are running that hot water through the stem, in between bowls, and more to prevent ghosting. Once you know everything is cleaned and set up nicely, you can begin with the second component of a good smoke session.

The atmosphere: All soon-to-be hookah smokers should be relaxed and inside a leisure setting. This will mean different things to different people so find out what relaxes you and your guests! A few quick tips are using calming music (or any music you see fit) and decorating according to taste. It really is all a matter of personal preference but relaxation is a key ingredient to a good smoke.

The company: You need to be surrounded with the right company if you wish to enjoy your session. Avoid party poopers and complainers if you can. Get a group that knows how to relax along with you and you are bound to enjoy an excellent smoke as well.

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