How to increase the buzz from your smoke

How to increase the buzz from your smoke


If it is a buzz that you crave, then you must be ready to fiddle with three elements and that is choosing the correct type of tobacco, using a good packing method and managing that heat! This might not be taken lightly but if you are a regular Hookah user with constant high nicotine hookah shisha, then you should consider a small break to help rid your body of it and prevent a tolerance. Let's get ready to hit that buzz.

Choosing the tobacco- It should be common sense that tobacco with a high nicotine level will deliver a bigger buzz than one with a lower nicotine content. You can find nicotine empowered shisha amongst many brands such as Haze Tobacco, Nirvana, Al Fakher, and Nakhla Tobacco. Tangiers and Nakhla have an even distribution of nicotine while Nirvana Shisha gives a super buzz during the beginning while getting smoother towards the end. You should try different brands to see which you enjoy best.
Packing method- The use of phunnel bowls is definitely recommended because they help contain all juices, even if you overpack it. Try not to overpack but you can consider using a bit more tobacco than normal. You can choose to use a foil poker or a shisha fork to avoid overpacking.

Heat management- If you are using the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System then it is wise to remove the lid of the Lotus so the heat won't be concentrated in one area. In all hookahs, heat flow is essential. You can also create air pockets with toothpicks if needed, so the tobacco won't get shocked.

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