How to pack Starbuzz in a Phunnel bowl

How to pack Starbuzz in a Phunnel bowl


It is time to learn how to pack Starbuzz in a Phunnel type hookah bowl. You may think that packing is common sense, but you will be surprised to learn that it has a great impact on how well the session turns out. Let’s get started on the steps towards packing a perfect Starbuzz Phunnel bowl.

The first thing you need to do is mix the shisha inside the bag or container very well. This means getting to each and every corner of that container. You may choose to use a fork or your fingers. The important thing is to mix until that liquid is evenly distributed. Starbuzz tends to be on the juicy side but the mixing process will help incorporate the flavor and molasses into each leaf. Make sure to break up all and any clumps, which is another characteristic of Starbuzz shisha.

Once it is mixed, it is time to loosely roll the shisha into your phunnel bowl. You can pack in a denser fashion, however, Starbuzz will benefit more from a loose packing method. Airy packs will help the heat reach the tobacco in a more evenly matter, and faster too. The shisha should be airy, fluffy and loose and almost touching the top of the phunnel bowl, but without letting it touch the foil. You are looking to fill until a couple of millimeters to the top of the spiral. You may observe gaps in the packing, which can be easily fixed. The shisha should be smoothed over until even for a smoother smoke. If you used a fork, you could rest it on top of the bowl to check height of the pack; the tobacco should not touch the fork itself. Once that is over with then you are ready to start smoking!

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