How to pack your hookah bowl

Hookah Tutorial: How to Pack Your Hookah Bowl


 How to Pack Your Hookah Bowl

Every week we try to share a hookah tutorial that would improve the thrill of your hookah sessions. You love smoking hookah, we know! Probably, you bought a hookah as well, prepared it but to your disappointment; it didn't give out the dense smoke you wanted. Are you wondering where you went wrong? It's the packing of your hookah bowl. Now, there are several ways of packing it, but we are going to share the most commonly used methods to pack the hookah bowl that will give you a dense smoke.

Two Simple Methods to Pack Your Hookah Bowl

Before we even start, wash your bowl and other parts of the hookah with water and make sure there is no residue in the inside. Rub with a brush, clean it once more and then leave it to get air-dried. In case, you are blending in two or more flavors of tobacco; we suggest to mix them up using a fork on a plate. Try to spread them, so that the tobacco gets well-aerated.

Method One. The next is to spread the tobacco gently on the border of the bowl, leaving the middle holed area. Do not overload the bowl. The basic trick is to pack it in such a way that there are several air pockets created inside. They facilitate heat penetration, and you get the perfect flavors. Do not over-pack it or it will obstruct the air flowing into it and won't taste that good!

Method Two. In case, you find the earlier way difficult then try this one. Pack your bowl with your favorite tobacco up to the fill level. Press the tobacco well and then take a toothpick and poke deep holes into it – reaching to the bottom of the bowl. This kind of packing gives a smooth smoke output.

Now, cover the bowl with aluminum foil, poke some holes on it, put in on your hookah. Get your coals lighted up, place them on your bowl and enjoy your favorite hookah!

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