How to properly clean a hookah base

How to properly clean a hookah base


Getting shisha flavor to remain pure and intact requires a clean hookah, including all accessories. The most troublesome to keep clean and the least cleaned item is the hookah base. Hardcore hookah fans may wash their base after each session while others prefer it once or twice a week, depending on quantity of use. The deal is that it should be cleaned consistently and properly in order to reap the best benefits. There are four essential steps to getting a hookah base back to its original state of cleanliness and shine: 1) fill the base up with water & dish soap, 2) scrub with a base brush, 3) rinse, 4) removing any bad smell before you begin, be aware that you will require a base brush that can be found in any hookah supply store. These brushes are extra tough and long, which make getting to those hard-to-reach spots an easy and pleasing task.

The first thing you should do is fill the hookah base with lukewarm water, adding dish soap if it is extra filthy. Now use the base brush to scrub away until all dirt residue is removed. Make sure to get all those nicks and crannies! Once that is over with, you can continue to step three. You will need to repeatedly rinse your hookah base until absolutely no bubbles form. Observe that all stains and rings are gone after rinsing or else you will have to repeat steps one and two. If after you have cleaned your base and you have let it air dry, a smell remains, then step four will interest you. Boil a cup of water with a lemon (sliced or whole) and let it cool down a bit before pouring it in your base. Let the lemon water sit inside your base for a full five minutes at least before pouring it out. Any leftover aromas from past shisha should be gone.

That is all you need to do to maintain your hookah base spiffy and clean, giving you better and more satisfying smoke sessions full of flavor and not leftovers.

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