Introducing the Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah

Introducing the Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah


For those who miss their hookahs while on trips, Zahrah has got a perfect solution Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah so you can blow some dense smoke clouds whenever you want.

Stunning Bohemian Looks in Five Colors

Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah got a Bohemian style into its hookah design. Also, it makes an ideal tabletop hookah adding some uplifting vibes to your interior. It is available in five cool colors; red, rose gold, blue, black and olive gray to suit your unique preferences.

Durable Built

Though petite in size, Zahrah Genie Mini has some sturdy built. It features premium-grade stainless steel stem, diffuser, aerospace 6061 aluminum ash tray, glass vase and rubber base rings. Even the stem is anodized to prevent the paint from getting peeled off.

Easy to Carry and Maintain

Zahrah Genie Mini Hookah is compact and easy to maintain. Put it on a tabletop or stuff it in your luggage bag; it will entertain you best.
Comes with High-Quality Hookah Parts

It includes:

Stainless Steel Hookah Stem. To add utmost durability.
6” Aluminum Ash Tray - To catch all your smoked ashes.
Bohemian Glass Vase - To give you a good view of the water level inside.
Long and Washable Hose - To pass the turns without moving the entire hookah.
Rubber Base Rings - To add support to the glass vase.
In-built Removable Diffuser - To give you a quiet and relaxing experience.
Don’t forget to pack your Zahrah Genie Mini on your next trip!

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