Introducing the Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah

Introducing the Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah


Blow some dense rings of smokes whenever or wherever you want with Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah.

Compact & Sleek Design with Bohemian Style

Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah stands 15 inches tall which is comparatively smaller than hookahs. Its beautiful compact and sleek design makes it an eye-candy that is worth getting displayed and admired. It has attractive motif work on its glass base giving it the carefree Bohemian vibes. Ringer Mini is available in three cool colors; black with red bands, blue with white bands, and rose gold with white bands.

Sturdy Making

This mini hookah is built with the intention to accompany you on your trips and thus sturdiness is a very important requirement. We have ensured robustness by using Aerospace 6061 aluminum that would boost its durability along with anodized stem to prevent the paints from getting damaged. Moreover, it features stainless steel downstem, and diffuser, and rubber base rings. The Ringer was designed and engineered by our USA studio to a state of the art sturdy hookah in a compact form factor.

Smooth Smoking Sessions

It features a smooth purge valve, a unique chamber design that allow you to draw and release the smoke smoothly. Moreover, it has a stainless steel diffuser that will eliminate the sounds and give you a quiet and pleasant experience.

Easy to Clean and Carry

Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah has a removable diffuser and downstem made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, the Zahrah hose is made of washable quality so you can wash it before a session and enjoy the best flavors.
Including the base and stem, it is only 15-inches which is small enough to make a small place in your luggage. 

Box Includes

You will get the Zahrah Ringer Mini Hookah along with some top-quality parts:

  • Stainless-steel hookah stem for easy maintenance.
  • 6” aluminum tray to catch ashes.
  • Rubber base rings to protect the base.
  • A beautiful glass base with gold work.
  • Long hose made of washable material.
  • Don’t forget to pack your Zahrah Ringer Mini on your next trip! Also, makes a great gift to your Hookah-loving friends.

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