Introducing Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah Set

Introducing Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah Set


Classic hookah pieces are truly ageless, and they never go out of trend. For this reason, Zahrah Spade 2 became an instant hit among hookah smokers. The set has a chic design along with modern functionality. Sturdy construction, clever design, handiness, it got everything to impress the shisha world with a single drag. After the success of Zahrah Spade 2 Hookah, we are eager to introduce our newest Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah Set to you.

Compact Yet Compelling Design

The stunning Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah embodies timeless beauty with a vibrant Bohemian vibe. When fitted with the glass hookah base, Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah is only 15-inches tall which is surprisingly very compact. The sleek appearance makes it look even more elegant. Overall, it is a lovely hookah set that deserves to be shown off and appreciated. The best part is that the Spade Mini Hookah Set is available in five cool shades like Silver, Gold, Red, Lake Blue, and Black to suit your unique preferences. Now, you can easily place it as a tabletop setup or even take it around to your friend’s place for a group hookah session.

Sturdy Built

Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah Set only got smaller in size and pricing. Apart from that, it features the same build as the Zahrah Spade 2 that you have always loved. For utmost durability, we used Aerospace 6061-grade Aluminum to build the body. For the downstem, we opted for high-quality stainless steel which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Lastly, you get rubber rings that add extra support to your base

The Zahrah Spade Hookah Stem goes well our mini glass bases. You do not need to screw the stem into the base. Instead, we have sturdy air-suction fits between the bowl and stem and the stem and base. The Anodized finish makes the stem long-lasting as it prevents the paint from all scratches and peel-offs. It is a little brawny piece that is ready to accompany you for a long time.

Lush Smoking Experience

Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah Set has a purge valve, a special chamber design that ensures you can draw and release the smoke very smoothly. The stainless-steel diffuser eradicates all the sounds to offer you a smooth and silent smoke session. 



The stainless steel downstem and the diffuser can be easily opened and cleaned. Furthermore, the Spade Mini Complete Set comes with our Aluminum Silicone Hose!

There is only one hookah hose port, which means you will need to pass a turn when smoking with friends. We suggest you get a separate hose tip for yourselves. Being 15 inches, you can always undo the set, put all the parts in your luggage and carry it anywhere with you. Zahrah Spade Mini ensures that you can relish your favorite smoke wherever you like. 

Hookah Package Includes

Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah Set comes with everything that you require to get started which includes

  • Aerospace 6061-grade aluminum-made hookah body ensuring durability.
  • In-built stainless-steel diffuser that can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Premium stainless steel hookah stem that facilitates easy cleaning.
  • Six inches aluminum ash tray that catches the flying ashes and offers you a mess-free session.
  • High-quality glass base that adds elegance to it. You can easily check the water level.
  • Grommets that ensure an airtight fit.


The entire Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah Set comes for only $99.99. We are also accepting wholesale orders for Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah Set. Log into your Wholesale Account, to check out our exclusive wholesale pricing for Zahrah Spade Mini Hookah bulk orders. 

Get your preferred hookah bowl out of your repertoire, pack it with some of your favorite hookah shishas, add one or two red hot coconut shell charcoals and start smoking.

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