It's the Season of Giving


It's the season of giving all around the world and we are giving huge discounts on hot red items on our store this week. Checkout our RED SALE to save big on items that match the colors of the festive season.

We have our all new Zahrah Spade on sale this week for $79 in the color red. Give someone the perfect gift his holiday season for the Zahrah Spade comes in an all metal body that supports 4 hoses at once. It's aluminum tray is built to last and is easy to clean and maintain.

We also carry the entire lineup of the Wookah Collection from Poland. These wooden finish hookahs are an absolute beauty with their smooth finish and craftsmanship. The smoking experience is phenomenal and out of this world. Each piece of the hookah comes together and fits elegantly with one another. This modern hookah is built to last.

Another fantastic choice this holiday season is the Z70 which has been a popular pick for shoppers this season. The All Glass Zahrah Hookah is made in the USA. It's a symbol of art and craftsmanship in one glance. The Zahrah Z70 is amongst the best Glass Hookahs on the market.

To go along with your hookah, you need a sturdy hose that will last you a long time while providing a smooth smoking experience. The Aluminum D-Hose is a bargain this week at $19. Those who have switched to D-Hose know there is nothing else that compares to the quality of this hose.

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