Keeping Your Hookah Sparkling Clean

Keeping Your Hookah Sparkling Clean


You can increase the life of your hookah when you take very good care of your hookah and clean it regularly. It is a straightforward method that you can try quickly at home. For this, you need a few things that are readily available in any household.


  •       White Vinegar
  •       Dish Soap (optional)
  •       Baking Soda


  •       Flexible bottle cleaner
  •       Metal scrubber ball
  •       Snake scrubber
  •       Magnetic spot cleaner

Whenever you are using the white vinegar or baking soda us only warm water. You can also use the sponge and metal scrubbers that you find in a home in place of the gadgets mentioned above.

Let’s Clean

First, let us make the solution – take some warm water in a glass container and mix in baking soda, white vinegar, and dish wash in it and mix well now.

Now soak in your grommet, diffusers in it. You can soak them even overnight, depending on how dirty they are. Now, use the handy brushes to scrub and clean these parts. If you are using purified water, then you don’t need to clean it much regularly.

As for the hookah bases, you need to pour in the solution. You may need to add more water to ensure it is fully submerged. Leave it for some time. Finally, use a bendable bottle brush to clean the hard-to-reach corners of the base.

Coming to the hookah stem, use a snake scrubber or along scrubber to clean the inside of the stem. Before you move to the trays, make sure they are cold. Dip in your sponge scrubber I not the prepared solution and scrub thoroughly to clean the plate. 

Finally, we have the bowl. Remember, there can be some burnt tobacco in it, so better use a metal scrubber to remove all the dirt. The best thing would be to soak your bowl overnight before scrubbing it.

You can clean the hose by dipping the snake scrubber I the solution and then rinsing and scrubbing the tube with it. You can dip in your silicone hose in the water but no other hoses.


I hope you found this article helpful. Try these methods out and keep your hookah clean and sparkling.

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