Learn the Modern Day Hookah Etiquette

Learn the Modern Day Hookah Etiquette


Believe it or not but there are rules when smoking Hookah in a group setting. When smoking on your own personal time and space, you can do as your please, but things change once you step out of that comfort zone. This list of Hookah etiquette will help you get along with other Hookah smokers you can meet in social gathering, be it a house or lounge.

If you’re the host then make sure to make the night relaxing, without overdoing it on the rules or grumpy stares. Invite away and try to allow your guests to pick the flavors for the night. If you’re the guest in question, then be polite and enjoy!

The person that sets up the hookah should be allowed the first drag, it is only right after they’ve done all the work!

Pick which rotation will be used - clockwise or counter clockwise- and stick with it throughout the whole night!

Don’t hog the hose - Take up to five puffs but don’t overdo it on your time with the hose, let others get a chance.

Pass it before starting a story - In case you forget to pass due to the telling of a story, it is wise to pass it before talking!

If you need to move the hookah then do so by the base, never pull or tug on the hose or stem!

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