Lets take a deep look inside hookah flavors

Lets take a deep look inside hookah flavors


Everyone is a flavor expert when it comes to Hookah, but have you noticed that flavor categories rarely get talked about? This is because officially there are no categories for separating Hookah Flavors, just your common sense groupings. However, knowing the types of flavors that exist will allow you to delve into a category with little to no risk of not enjoying a particular flavor in there. Let’s get started!

Mint - The title itself is self-explanatory, this category hosts all the minty, fresh flavors of Hookah! It is by far a favorited category amongst smokers due to the cooling and refreshing effect it has. The ever so popular mint is here, along with any other combination that has mint (though it can’t be considered purely mint if it has another flavor added).

Floral or spice - This category includes any hookah flavor with a floral or spice additive. Popular flavors include Rose from Al Fakher for example or Afzal Tobacco Pan Raas flavor. Spices that get included in here are anise, cinnamon, and more.

Rich/creamy - This group holds all your creamy, rich flavors present in many tobacco brands. This includes coffee, chocolate, chai, and caramel options available. Basically, here you can add any tobacco that is sweet or has a smoothing effect.

Fruity- As you can see, you can’t forget about the fruits! Many beginners in Hookah begin with these because of the sweet, tarty taste that is quite delicious and simple. Here you can find watermelon, strawberry, melon, apple and lots more! Fruity flavors are a classic category that anyone can enjoy.

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