The most popular hookah bases

The most popular hookah bases


The hookah base is where the water goes that keeps the smoke cool as well. Though it might only have a subtle effect on how your shisha smokes, it is of visual importance and should be given thought too. So don’t forget to upgrade your base as well when getting new accessories for your Hookah. You can choose to go for a glass, wooden, or steel base depending on your personal desires and fancies.
The most trendy at the moment are Boho bases, or Bohemian bases, that are normally made of glass or another clear material with a painted design. You may also choose to look at the different styles of bases available: bell, trumpet, jumbo, genie, and teardrop.

It is all about your personal taste in such matters but doing a bit of background work on the pros and cons will allow you to make the right choice. Some styles of bases will alter the way your Hookah hits. It is necessary to take into consideration the length of your downstem to avoid water getting into your hose if it is too low for example.

If you are in the market for a new base, check out the Zahrah Bohemian Base. It is available in multiple styles and colors.

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