New Flavor - Starbuzz Passion Fruit

New Flavor - Starbuzz Passion Fruit


Starbuzz has added a new flavor to their world-famous line of hookah tobacco that is turning heads. Passion fruit has all the taste of passion fruit and more. Passion fruit is native to tropical and subtropical areas, such as Brazil, and has been increasing in use throughout the world due to its fruity, sweet and tart taste. Just like any other type of shisha, it can be enjoyed alone or mixed with another hookah tobacco to create unique blends of flavor.

Expect a fruity but tart sensation on your taste buds when smoking this, along with a hidden hint of citrus. If you enjoy sweet and sour mixes, then this shisha flavor will have you hooked from the start. Along with the tartness of passion fruit, the tobacco flavor produces as a sensational aroma and smoke smoothly over long periods of time. It's an exquisite flavor to try with your friends and family to make your hookah session memorable.

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